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2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm

Basic Information
Place of Origin: SUZHOU
Brand Name: PHOENIX
Certification: ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001
Model Number: CERAMIC3030
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 4000PCS /ROLL
Delivery Time: 7-10 DAYS
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 4000K PER MONTH
Name: SMD LED CERAMIC3030 RED λd: 720-740nm
Power: 0.67W Nput Voltage(V): 2v
Luminous Flux(lm): 0.4-0.6lm Warranty(Year): 2 Years
Working Time (hours): 20000 Operating Temperature(℃): -40-85
High Light:

3030 chip smd led


740nm chip smd led


3030 chip light led



Professional plant led:
Dark blue (450 nm) and ultra red (660 nm) versions provide the light required for photosynthesis
The far infrared (730 nm) version can control the whole process of plants from germination to vegetative growth and then to flowerin
EQ white light can realize humanized working environment
High energy efficiency( μ mol/J)
Maximum drive current high
Low thermal resistance
Multiple radiation angles - 80 °, 120 ° and 150 ° wide illumination characteristics
Highly reliable ceramic package with long service life and corrosion resistance
Rugged even in wet environments
In addition, it also provides blue light, true green light, yellow light, red light and other versions, which are suitable for special lighting needs
Optimum heat / cold flux coefficient (85 ° C ~ 25 ° C)


Maximum Ratings

Parameter                                                                     Symbol                                                  Values

Operating Temperature




-40 °C

125 °C

Storage Temperature




-40 °C

125 °C

Junction Temperature T max. 135 °C
Forward current I



100 mA

500 mA

Surge Current

t ≤ 10 µs; D = 0.005 ; TJ = 25 °C

FS max. 700 mA
Reverse voltage 2) V   Not designed for reverse operation

ESD withstand voltage

acc. to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 3B)

ESD   8 kV



I = 700 mA; TJ = 25 °C

Parameter                                                                     Symbol                                                Values

Peak Wavelength λpeak                     typ.                        730 nm

Centroid Wavelength 3)

I = 350 mA

λcentroid                min.                       710 nm

                               typ.                        727 nm

                               max.                      740 nm

Dominant Wavelength 3)

I = 350 mA

λdom                      typ.                        35 nm
Spectral Bandwidth at rel,max ∆λ                           typ.                         20 nm
Viewing angle at 50% IV 2φ                           typ.                        140 °

Forward Voltage 4)

I = 350 mA




Reverse current 2) Not designed for reverse operation
Electrical thermal resistance junction/solderpoint with efficiency ηe = 74 % RthJS elec.             typ.                         1.3 K / W


Forward Voltage Groups

Group Forward Voltage 4)

I = 350 mA

1.80 V 1.90 V
1.90 V  2.00 V
2.00 V 2.10 V
2.10 V  2.20 V



Centroid Wavelength 3)

I = 350 mA


710NM 740NM


Relative Spectral Emission

Irel = f (λ); IF = 350 mA; TJ = 25 °C

2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm 0

Radiation Characteristics 

Irel = f (ϕ); TJ = 25 °C



2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm 1


2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm 2

2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm 3



Dimensional Drawing

2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm 4

Further Information:

Approximate Weight:         28.0 mg

Package marking:              Anode

Corrosion test:Class:         3BTest condition: 40°C / 90 % RH / 15 ppm H2S / 14 days (stricter than IEC 60068-2-43)

ESD advice:                       The device is protected by ESD device which is connected in parallel to the Chip.


Reflow Soldering Profile

Product complies to MSL Level 2 acc. to JEDEC J-STD-020E

2v 350ma Ceramic 3030 Chip Smd Led Light 720-740nm 5


Profile Feature                                            Symbol              Pb-Free (SnAgCu) Assembly         Unit

                                                                                          Minimum Recommendation Maximum

Ramp-up rate to preheat*)                                            2

25 °C to 150 °C

3 K/s

tS                                                                                60                100

T to T

120 s

Ramp-up rate to peak*)

T to T                                                                             2

3 K/s
Liquidus temperature TL                                                                217   °C
Time above liquidus temperature tL                                                80 100 s
Peak temperature T                                                                       245 260 °C

Time within 5 °C of the specified peak                        10                  20

temperature TP - 5 K

30 s

Ramp-down rate*                                                                             3

T to 100 °C

6 K/s


25 °C to TP

480 s


All temperatures refer to the center of the package, measured on the top of the component * slope calculation DT/Dt: Dt max. 5 s; fulfillment for the whole T-range


Contact Details

Phone Number : +8618897990409

WhatsApp : +8618897990409