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Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp

Basic Information
Place of Origin: SUZHOU
Brand Name: PHOENIX
Certification: LM80 CE ROHS
Model Number: 2835
Minimum Order Quantity: 4000PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 4000PCS /ROLL
Delivery Time: 7-10 DAYS
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 800KK PER MONTH
Name: SMD LED 2835 White Color Nput Voltage(V): 18v
Power: 30MA Luminous Flux(lm): 75-85lm
Application: Bulb Lamp CCT: 3000k 4000k 6500k
Warranty(Year): 2 Years Working Time (hours): 20000
Operating Temperature(℃): -40-85 Viewing Angle(°):: 120
High Light:

18v 2835 LED Chip


Bulb 2835 LED Chip


18v smd 2835 chip

Application Introduction:


When ordinary energy-saving lamps work, the temperature will be about 60-80 ℃, and the temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps is higher (80-120 ℃), which will burn if they are accidentally touched.

The bulb lamp uses LED as the light source and professional heat dissipation structure. The working temperature is very low (40-60 ℃), and it won't burn even if it is grasped on the hand.

The material of energy-saving lamp and ordinary bulb products is glass. It is easy to break when colliding with hard objects, resulting in permanent damage and can not be used, and it will be cut by glass accidentally.

The bulb uses a professionally designed shell, and the lamp shell is made of PC material / acrylic die-casting. The LED of the light source part is also made of special anti-seismic and fall resistant materials (the lens part uses the most advanced one-time forming soft lens technology), and its lampshade is made of acrylic material, which is not easy to cut even if it is broken.


High brightness 18v 30ma SMD LED 2835 for bulb lamp


Quick details:


Input Voltage(V): 18V
Warranty(Year): 2-Year
Type: Smd Led Chip 2835
Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design
Luminous Efficacy(lm/w): 160lm/w
Lifespan (hours): 50000
Working Time (hours): 20000
Chip Material: INGAN
Emitting Color: 3000K 4000K 6500K
Power: 0.5W
Viewing Angle(°): 120 Degree
Color Rendering Index(Ra): 80
Packing bag: 220*240nm
Place of Origin: Suzhou ,jiangsu
Application: LED STRIP 
Package Type: Suface Mount Package
Forward Current: 30MA
Size: 2.8*3.5*0.65mm
Packing: 4000 Pcs/Roll

Product specification:


Package Structure

Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 0

Absolute Maximum Ratings


Power dissipation PD 0.5 W
Continuous forward current IFmax 30 mA
Peak forward current (1/10 duty cycle 10ms pulse width) IFP 40 mA
Item Symbol Maximum Unit
Reverse voltage VR 5 V
Electrostatic Discharge (HBM) ESD 2000 V
Operating temperature range Topr -40 to +85
Storage temperature range Tstg -40 to +85
Led yunction temperature Tj 120


Optical/Electrical Characterization:


CCT STEPS x y a b θ
ERP F6500 1 0.313 0.337 0.00223 0.00095 58.383
ERP F5000 1 0.346 0.359 0.00274 0.00118 59.617
ERP F4000 1 0.38 0.38 0.00313 0.00134 54
ERP F3000 1 0.44 0.403 0.00278 0.00136 53.167
ERP P2700 1 0.463 0.42 0.00258 0.00137 57.283
CCT STEPS CX CY a b theta
2700K 1 0.4578 0.4101 0.0027 0.0014 53.7
3000K 1 0.4338 0.403 0.00278 0.00136 53.22
3500K 1 0.4073 0.3917 0.00309 0.00138 54
4000K 1 0.3818 0.3797 0.00313 0.00134 53.72
5000K 1 0.3447 0.3553 0.00274 0.00118 59.62
5700K 1 0.3287 0.3417 0.00249 0.00107 59.09
6500K 1 0.3123 0.3282 0.00223 0.00095 58.57

Typical Electro-Optical characteristics curves:

Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 1

LED Reliability Test List


No. Item Test Conditions





1 Solder Heat TEMP:260℃±5℃;5±1 sec 2 times 30 pcs 0∕1
2 Solder ability Test ※ TEMP:235℃±5℃;3±1 sec 1 time 5 pcs 0∕1
3 Temperature Cycle

H:+100℃ 30min.


L:-40℃ 30min.

100 cycles 20 pcs 0∕1
4 Thermal Shock

H:+100℃ 5min.

L:-40℃ 5min.

50 cycles 20 pcs 0∕1
5 High Temperature Storage TEMP:100℃ 1000 hrs 20 pcs 0∕1
6 Low Temperature Storage TEMP:-40℃ 1000 hrs 20 pcs 0∕1
7 DC Operating Life IF=IFmax 1000 hrs 20 pcs 0∕1

High Temperature

High Humidity

85℃∕85%R.H. 1000 hrs 20 pcs 0∕1
9 Shocking test

100~2000Hz ;98.1m/s2

X,Y,Z direction

2 hrs 20 pcs 0∕1
10 Dropping test Put on pallet ;height:75cm 3 times 20 pcs 0∕1
Judgment Criteria
Forward Voltage VF VF Max-Increase < 1.1x
Reverse Current IR IR Max-Increase < IRmax
Luminous Intensity IV IV Decay < 40%

※Solder ability test criteria:coverage is not less than 95%

Note:Measurement shall be taken after the tested samples have been returned to normal ambient conditions (generally after two hours)


Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 2


The encapsulated material of the LEDs is silicone. Therefore the LEDs have a soft surface on the

Top of package. The pressure to the top surface will be influence to the reliability of the LEDs. Precautions Should be taken to avoid the strong pressure on the encapsulated part. So when use the picking up nozzle,The pressure on the silicone resin should be proper.

Soldering iron :
 When hand soldering, the temperature of the iron must less than 300℃ for 3 seconds
 The hand solder should be done only one times

SMT Reflow Soldering Instructions SMT :
Reflow soldering should not be done more than two times
When soldering , do not put stress on the LEDs during heating
The recommended reflow soldering profile as following

Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 3

Handling Precautions :
Handle the component along the side surface by using forceps or appropriate tools
Do not directly touch or handle the silicone lens surface. It may damage the internal circuitry
Do not stack together assembled PCBs containing LEDs. Impact may scratch the silicone lens or damage the internal circuitry


Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 4Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 5Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 6Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 7


Product features:


Adopt good quality chip and frame ,antistatic good stability Ultra low attenuation

High brightness ,low attenuation high color rendering

Minimum 70,80,90 95 CRI options

Strong welding and good stability undead light

Product series and company logo on the front

CE ROHS LM80 Certification


Production Process:


Energy Saving 18v 30ma SMD 2835 LED Chip For Bulb Lamp 8







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